Honda Generator EM30

The EM30 uses a high-speed multi-point alternator that is integrated into the engine itself. This Honda-developed technology reduces overall weight and size by 25% to 50% compared to similarly classed conventional models, making lifting and transporting even easier. The EM30 features Cyclo-converter technology which ensures "clean" electricity with minimal sinewave distortion, even under conditions of frequent load fluctuations.
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Its 4-Stroke engine eliminates the need to mix fuel and oil, saving you time and money. It also provides superior fuel efficiency and emits significantly less carbon and noise than most of its two-stroke counterparts. And just like all Honda generators, the EM30 features Honda's famous 'start first time every time' technology to get you working sooner. The EM30's lightweight and rugged no-nonsense design allows for easy transportation, with the unit weighing in at only 31kg. It's environmentally friendly with low emissions, less noise and low fuel consumption, and the engine is protected by a low oil alert system.

It provides up to 6 hours of continuous operation on a full fuel tank. And you'll barely know that it's there, as it operates at a very quiet 68dB(A).

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